Lefort Colpocleisis and Total Colpocleisis

INDICATIONS for a Colpocleisis

Both the Lefort Colpocleisis and Total Colpocleisis are obliterative procedures with permanent closure of the vaginal cavity. In order to qualify for this surgery, the patient must NOT be sexually active. In addition, the patient must be 100% that she does NOT desire any future intimacy. Once the vaginal cavity is permanently closed, the vaginal cavity can NEVER be opened again. If there is even a remote possibility that she desires future intimacy, then the colpocleisis procedure is the incorrect procedure for the patient.

Normal vaginal length is approximately 8-10 cm. After the colpocleisis procedure, the vaginal canal will only be approximately only 2 cm in length. From the outside vulvar area, then vaginal introitus looks normal. HOWEVER, there is NO depth to the vaginal canal with a very shortened vaginal length.

TWO different types of Colpocleisis

a. Lefort Colpocleisis. Permanent closure of the vagina canal with a uterus still present.
b. Total Colpocleisis. Permanent closure of the vaginal canal, without a uterus (s/p hysterectomy)

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Colpocleisis

a. ADVANTAGES of the Colpocleisis. The advantage is that this procedure can be performed in less than 1 hour, with a quicker recovery (less than 2 weeks) with minimal complications. Minimal blood loss and less pain compared to prolapse repair and rebuilding the vaginal length back to normal. The surgery is performed vaginally only, and the procedure can be performed under regional anesthesia (e.g. spinal anesthesia) without using general anesthesia.
b. DISADVANTAGE of the Colpocleisis. Once the vaginal canal is permanently closed, the procedure is IRREVERSIBLE. A patient cannot change her mind after the surgery. The vaginal canal can NEVER be reopened again.

Surgical technique.

The example below is a LEFORT colpocleisis, closure of the vaginal canal with the uterus still present.

lefort colpocleisis

Success rate from surgery

The success rate of the colpocleisis is VERY HIGH, with a success rate of approximately 95%. The procedure is performed ONLY uses the patient’s own tissue. No synthetic mesh is used.

Post op Recovery

a. Patient can go home the same day or stay overnight, 1 night
b. House arrest 2 weeks, and then activity as tolerated, per patient discretion
c. Two main limitations from the surgery. (i) No heavy lifting (x< 15 lbs.) for three months (ii) Showers only x 2 months. No baths, no pools, no soaking in any type of water x 2 months